Biking in Netherlands

Bike is the most important thing you need to have to survive in The Netherlands. Why? because biking is more flexible (time and destination), more healthy, more environment friendly and the bus is too expensive 😛
You don’t have to be shame or afraid. In Netherlands, the main street always have a bike path and car here most of the time respect the bikers. Even in the crossroad in some city, there is a special traffic light for bikers. You just need press the button and wait until green. Remember, in some part of the city, biking is not allowed, such as city centraal (centrum).

So, are you enthusiast with biking in Netherlands? if yes, then you need a bike 😀
The right and trustable in Netherlands to buy a cheap bike is in a website called Marktplaats (similiar like E-bay or Amazon) and bike shop. Fiets is Dutch word for bike. Remember, You should not pay first before you see the bike and try it. For me, a reasonable cheap bike is between 50 until 80 euro.

Well, one of my housemate in Utrecht were spending night in central of the city and he met a guy offering a bike for 10 euro. I’m not advice you to do that, because the bike might be a stolen bike, which might cause you problem in the future.

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