Carnaval is a big party in south part of The Netherlands (Limburg and Noord-Brabant), such as Maastricht, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Tilburg, Eindhoven and many more. The tradition began long time ago, as part of catholic believe. Nowadays, Dutch people in the south celebrate the carnaval by partying 5 days in a row and wear a costume outfit. In Sunday (or Monday) a parade of decorated car go around the city, it called “groot optocht“. The next day,  little kid together with their classmate walked with costume. Some car prepared by the carnaval club. In the night young people go party in the club and wear costume. This festival held between February and March, it always different every year. It’s too complicated for me to explained how Dutch decide the carnaval week.

My first carnaval was in Deventer (in east of The Netherlands), it was really cold and not so much crowded. I have another impression in 2010, I went to Eindhoven with my housemates. The festival was huge, people wore different things and make up. Now, I live in ‘s-Hertogenbocsh (or Den Bosch, the unofficial name), during carnaval, this city decorated with red-yellow-white as symbol of carnaval colour.  When the carnaval season start, the city ‘unofficially’ changes name. for example ‘s-Hertogenbosch become Oeteldonk, Eindhoven become Lampegat, Vught become Dommelbaorzedurp. Every cafe in those city full with  citizen to celebrate carnaval.

Do you want to join carnaval? you have to prepare the costume, you can search your material in online shop, Just type “carnaval winkel” in search engine. In the city central, you can also find some costume shop.

The carnaval as busiest festival not only attract a lot of people also thief. Be careful with your belonging.

Carnaval costume

Big show with wagon in Den Bosch

Crowd for carnaval in markt of Den Bosch

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