Finding a room in The Netherlands

Finding a room in Netherlands is not easy, specially in Randstad area (Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag, Rotterdam). So far, my favourite site is kamernet. You need to find a good location and also a good price. Then, you also consider your future housemate. After you give reaction to the room, if the landlord or future housemate like you, you usually get an invitation to see the house and interview. Some landlord invites other people who interest with the room in the same time. I will give you tips for you to find a room, because I had some experience choosing my new housemate :

1. Are you still not in The Netherlands (in your home country) when you looking a room? then the chance is very small.  If you are abroad, a very good idea for you  to offer the landlord/interviewer, to send your video about yourself and tell that you are available for interview via skype or MSN or any other media.

2. Writing reaction. Mentioned that you are interesting with the room, what you do and what kind of human being are you. Being honest is important but not hopeless. Don’t ask too many question, When I was choosing new housemate, I got like 35 reaction for one room, I don’t have time to answer. You must KISS (Keep It Simple and Short).

Bad reaction: :

Hi my name is Fenny, I am just graduate from Urban and Regional Planning in Saxion. I like living in Netherlands. I like biking, watching TV and reading book. I have a good sense humour, very kind person and not aggressive. I am interesting with the room. But I have question, Do you have an oven? Is there any alarm for fire in the building? Can I take my friend stay with me sometime? Do you also live there?
Can you give answer and invite as soon as possible, because I have to move before in the end of the months. Thank you very much.

Good reaction:
Hi my name is Fenny. I am interesting with the room. I am a student in Utrecht. If I can tell, My personality are warm and open-minded. My hobby are sport and cooking.

Hopefully, I hear something from you. Thanks.

3. Do not send one or two reaction, send as many as possible. Some Dutch people prefer to live with Dutch people. Some student house prefer to love with student from same school.

4. After you get an invitation to interview and see the room. You must to be on time. After that, give impression. Be yourself and see the hint that landlord/interviewer tell you.

5. Ask when you can know the result. If you need a room who can be registered to the municipality (gemeente), do not forgot to ask it and make it clear. A registered room with your name is important for your residence permit to IND.

6. If you stuck and can not find a room yourself. most of the time the university/school will give you option to rent a room with a housing company that your university/school. But, the room might higher price than market and you might have to share bedroom with other people (for example 500 euro with sharing bedroom). You can’t move until one year/6 months, depends on the contract. When I was in Deventer, I rent room from my university, I paid 5000 per year, the room is not bad, I have my own room, but the location is too far from my university and city center.

7. Beware of the Scam! Some people ask money first or down payment, even before you see the room! and many other tricks.

8. For your own safe, always asked a rent contract with both signed.

Good luck 😉

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