Learning Dutch for Free

Yes! you can learn Dutch for free in The Netherlands.

  • In Utrecht, every Wednesday, you are welcome to join Language Cafe Utrecht, you can learn Dutch language and learn other people your mother tongue (first language). For more information you can check their blog.
  • I was member of couchsurfing. In couchsurfing website, group Utrecht, you can find a Dutch lesson in Utrecht group, which organized by couchsurfer. Every Tuesday from 20.00-22.00 and the location change every week. I found it very nice to follow the lesson and meet many new people. For details and information you can visit their group.
  • Since I move in Den Bosch, I try my best to learn Dutch by borrow many books from city library. But, it was hard because nobody correct my pronunciation. Then, I found in Internet a free Dutch lesson in Den Bosch called ABC Leer Mee. This organisation gives the lesson in Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Some of the teacher have a professional background as an educator. More information and details, you can visit here.

How you can find free lesson in your city? just type “gratis Nederland taalles + your city name” in google 🙂 Veel Succes!

p.s. remember to respect the teacher, because they are volunteer who willing spend their time to teach you for free  🙂

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