Dickens Festival Deventer

Dickens Festival or Dickens Festijn is a festival based on a famous Englishman writer Charles Dickens. The event held in two days in December, in the central city of Deventer. In this event, you can see character from the book in front of your eyes. Oliver twist, Mr. Pickwick, Scrooge, Marley and many more all there.

The entrance is free. But, you have to wait in the line. Every year, this event attracted more than 100.000 visitors. You can imagine how long is the waiting line, probably takes around one hour to get inside. My advice, if you went to this festival, cover your body as warm as possible and have enough energy.

Here is a video from Dickens Festival last year :

Have fun there and take many pictures!! For more detail you can visit their official website.

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