How Dutch celebrate birthday party

Dutch birthday party is totally different from in my country, Indonesia. Most Dutch people prefer to have money as a gift than any other things. You can give around 10-20 euro inside the envelope together with birthday card. You can write on the birthday card such as.. 

Van harte gefeliciteerd!


Gefeliciteerd met jouw verjaardag!

As you arrive to the party, you can congratulate the one who have birthday and also he/she partner or other family member. When you gave the birthday present, he/she is going to open it right away, then put the card together with other birthday cards.

After you come, you are going to sit together with other guest,  a lot of snacks (hapjes) and drinks being served. It is not common to serve dinner or lunch. So, I think it best for you to have lunch or dinner first at home if it was not mentioned in the invitation. It’s not common to bring food/cake to the party, all cakes have been arranged by the host. As the cake come, together with other guest singing Happy birthday song in Dutch (Lang zal ze leven). Here is the birthday song in Dutch that you can practice and lyrics 😉

 Lang zal ze* leven,

lang zal ze leven,

lang zal ze leven in de gloria,

in de gloria, in de gloria,

hieperdepiep hoera,

hieperdepiep hoera

hieperdepiep hoera

*If the birthday person is a female use ze, if a male use; lang zal hij leven and if more than one person use; lang zullen ze leven. (substitute all ze into hij or zal into zullen)

Other type birthday party held in cafe/bar with free drinks and music.

As non-Dutch speaking, the situation should be very hard for you surrounding with many Dutch in the party. Because, Dutch people prefer to speak Dutch. I think it is best way to amuse yourself, such as finding people who can speak English and have good conversation with them.

Have fun and enjoy the party!

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