King’s day or Koninsgdag

King’s day is a national holiday to celebrate King’s of The Netherlands Birthday. It held most of the time on 27 th April, if 27th April is Sunday then it held on  26th April.

There two things are important in King’s day, go to the flea market (vrijmarket) and go to concert/music festival with orange wardrobe all over you. During King’s day, people can sell on the street without permit and payment of valued added taxes in flea market. Most Dutch people sell second-hand item.

The concert and music festival held in open public space in the centre of city, most of the time is free entry. The party started in  Koningsnacht (King’s Night), one evening before King’s day. If you want to go there, just wear something orange for your clothes or accessories. Amsterdam mostly favourite place to visit, because of a lot of famous musician played on central of city. Hundred thousand people gathering to party there. In King’s day and King’s night you will see a lot of people wear orange. Wearing something in orange is a symbol of honouring The House of Orange-Nassau, It is a name of The Dutch royal family.

Beside flea market and concert, last year I found some free workshop in the Utrecht . Such as salsa dance, samba, painting and many other things. You can receive more information about activity King’s day in stad dagblad  (city´s newspaper).

Enjoy and have fun!!!

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  1. Heyyy dank je voor het bezocht naar indonesiabestplace, je hebt een zeer nuttige blog! Ik studeer Nederlands voor een jaar, maar kan ik niet spreken, ja wel een beetje 🙂

    • Hi Eva,
      Dank je wel. Ik vind jouw blog ook leuk. Ik heb Indonesië heel erg gemist. Mijn Nederland ook niet zo goed 😉

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