How to check a train schedule in The Netherlands

Train is the main public transportation in Netherlands. When you arrive for the first time in Netherlands in Schipol airports, you need to buy train tickets in the ticket desk or ticket machine.

How much is the ticket cost, where is the track and the departure time? you can see in NS (official trains company in The Netherlands) website. You can follow the instruction bellow.

  • You can change the language from Dutch into English by clicking English in top corner of the website.
  • Put you ‘start’ city and destination also the date and the time, then click ‘give trip and price’
  • In the left column, you can see how late the train will departure and arrive.
  • In this picture you see mark + and colour with red, It means that the train is late from the schedule. This situation happens due to bad weather.
  • In the right column you see the time, track of the rain and the cost.
  • The ticket price that you need to see is 2nd class or 1st class, without discount, one way or same day return journey. Because I assume, you don’t have the train subscription yet.
  • See the instruction video bellow that I made 🙂
  • When you want to buy ticket in the ticket desk, mention the destination, one way or return journey (only valid for one day), with normal price. You get charge 50 cent euro because of  buying it in ticket desk.
  • Sometimes the train desk is very busy and I prefer buy from the ticket machine. Then you need Euro coins or valid bankcard to buy in the ticket machines.
  • If you plans to live in The Netherlands for more than 3 months and going to travel a lot with train, I suggest you to take train discount subscription. You can asked more in helpdesk in train station or go to NS website.
  • After register, you got temporary discount card. In two weeks after that, you will get your subscription card which also OV-chipkaart (sort of smart card that you can upload the amount)

Good Luck and remember the train is almost never late!

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