How to throw your household waste in The Netherlands

Yep!! Managing your garbage become important to do in The Netherlands. To support clean environment  the local government seperate the waste into two container. Each house have one in dark grey and one in green colour. Green container is only for organic trash (food, fruit, trash from your garden). Dark grey container is for non-organic trash.

Every week a truck from local government will come pick up one of your container and it is very important to know the schedule. If your container is to full, for example until it can not be really close, the truck will not pick your trash. To know when the truck come pick up your trash, you can go to local government website, go to afvalkalender section and download it, or you can also type in search engine: Afvalkalender (your city name).


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In apartment you don’t have your own container. So you must put in the plastic bag and throw it in the one big underground container near your apartment. Usually you need key to open the garbage.

Glass, chemical waste and paper
For glass you must throw it in special container. Usually you find this container near shopping central in your neighbourhood. for chemical waste such as battery, you can throw it into a special boxes in the supermarket.

Oil from cooking
Waste oil can be placed into a plastic bottle and throw it into chemocar. Please not throw it into sink, garden, or toilet.

What if you not throw your trash properly? you might got a penalty  from the local government.

  1. This is the kind of system that we are going to have to adopt worldwide. Kudos to the Netherlands for taking steps to protect our environment!

    • That is true. But this system also not perfect, such as some of household doesn’t have the container, container for apartment is too full and people put it near the container. If you see in Curitiba, Brazil, their government made more extreme recycle and waste disposal system which is also helping the poor people. For example, people who collecting waste can get something back such as a ticket for public transportation. Curitiba’s trash bins separated waste disposal up to five categories: paper, plastic, metal, glass and organic waste. I think all mayor’s in this world should look their system. Thank you for comment 😀

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