How to get help when you are sick

Rules in The Netherlands obligate you, to have a health insurance. As soon as you got insurance, you must find your doctor (huisarts). To find it, you can go to google and search “huisarts (put your city area)” for example “huiarts Den Bosch oost”. If you have a student health insurance, most of the time your school is going to point out the huisarts for you, so you don’t have to search.
After you find via google or other search machine, you have to go to the huisart and register yourself. Do not forgot your insurance card and identity card. Make sure you have your huisarts telephone number. If you were sick, you had to call your huisarts assistant and make appointment. Usually the appointment will be the next day, if you really need quick help, you can tell the huisarts. Remember, If you got  cold and flu, you didn’t need to go to huisarts, just take paracetamol (you can buy it in drugstore), because huisarts will advice the same. As it get worse and you got fever in several night you need to contact your huisarts. If you got sick in the weekend and need help, unfortunately your huisarts is closed in in the weekend, but if you called them, you will hear voice that recommend other huisarts who open in weekend.

If you need specialist doctor such as in hospital, you must get recommend first from your huisarts. Make sure you tell every complain you have.

For you teeth health, you also need to find your Dentist (tandarts) also in same way to find huisarts. You need make appointment every 6 month to control your teeth. Your insurance not always cover your dentist cost, depend on which insurance package you have.

Some of insurance make you to pay yourself first your cost (huisarts and medicine)  and you get the return back in several weeks. Others not, I don’t have to pay first myself with my insurance, so I just come to huisarts and do not need pay anything also in parmachy.

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