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I’m Fenny, born and raise in Indonesia until 2009. I came to Deventer (The Netherlands) in autumn 2009 to finish my education in Saxion University of Applied Science. Finish my study in summer 2010, I moved to Utrecht. I found a part time job in Burger King Utrecht Centraal with my zoekjaar visa. Then 2011, I met my boyfriend and I decided to move close to him to ‘s- Hertogenbosch, a beautiful city. Appereantly, my zoekjaar visa was expired in June 2011, so I have to stop my part time job and waiting until my  visa approved. Here I am, with plenty plenty free times sitting in front of my laptop.

If people asked me, do you like to live in Netherlands? I do like it! Well of course need a lot of adaptations. Last two years, I suffered many experience and mad of some unprepared situation. I decided to write this Blog, to give you a lot of tips to live in Netherlands. Hopefully, you like to live in Netherlands as much as I do 🙂

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