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Discount and Sale Sessions

Here is some Dutch language related with discount that you need to know:

Korting : Discount

Halen : Get

Betalen : Pay

2 Halen 1 Betalen : 2 get 1 pay, its means you can get two products, and only pay one product, which means 50% korting.

1+1 Gratis : Same like previous.

2+1 Gratis or 3 Halen 2 Betalen : you pay for two and you get three products.

Alle combinaties mogelijk : means all combination is possible, for example “Alle Nivea 1+1 Gratis, Alle combinaties mogelijk” means you can buy one product Nivea shampoo and one product Nivea shower (or other mix).

m.u.v. ( met uitzondering van) : Excluding, except. For example : Alle Gilletes 2+2 gratis, m.u.v scheermesjes means all Gilletes products buy 2 get 2 free (total 4) except for razor blades.

Sale sessions
For a girl like me, knowing when sale season begin is very important. In The Netherlands, sales can reach until 70% discount. Awesome right! There are two big sales session for clothing shop which I always wait. Summer sale and Winter sale. Summer sale begins around early June until mid of August. Winter sale begins in the end of December until end of January. Remember in the beginning of sale, sometimes the clothing shop doesn’t give ¬† much discount, it can be the next one or two-week you back to the shop, the discount get higher. Always, when I shopping clothes. It’s matter of luck: size, colour and the price ūüėČ

Supermarket and Drugstore

Big Supermarket in the Netherlands for a fresh meat, milk, vegetable and fruit are AH (Albert Heijn), Jumbo, Dirk, Plus and C1000.¬†Other supermarket, which is cheaper in some products (I can’t say about their quality, people have different level of¬†satisfaction) are Lidl, Aldi and Nettorama. At least that supermarkets I’ve been visiting in last 2 years.

Every week, every supermarket give discount in some product. Sometimes big supermarket give more discount. ¬†To know about the discount you can see from the folder (brochure) which is send in your mailbox free. If you have a big sticker “NEE NEE’ or “NEE JA” in your mailbox, then you will not get the folders. You don’t have to be worry, because you can see the folder in the website supermarket aanbiendingen¬†or folderenkranten. I will explain about discount in dutch language in other pages.

In Albert Heijn if you want to get the discount you have to show your “Bonus Card” when you were at cashier. If you don’t have, you can ask in the cashier or borrow it from your housemate.

Famous drugstore in Netherlands are Kruidvat, O’chelle and Etos. They almost available in any city central in The Netherlands. Not only drugs, they also sell cosmetic, bathroom article and many more. You can’t find dairy fresh in drugstore off course.


Special Shop

If you come from Asia, you might miss your home dishes. I had difficulty to find good¬†ingredients¬†for my asian dishes in supermarket. Until, my friend show me Toko (asian shop). In Toko you can find any kind product from China, India, Indonesia, Thailand,¬†Philippines¬†and many other country. In The Netherlands, Toko most of the time located in centrum (central city). You can find it by type “toko, -your city name-” in google maps (in example: Toko, Deventer). My favourite Toko is Amazing Oriental, they have many choices.

So, you don’t have to bring all the heavy sauces or other¬†ingredients, I would¬†prefer¬†put my book in my luggage ūüėČ