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How to check a train schedule in The Netherlands

Train is the main public transportation in Netherlands. When you arrive for the first time in Netherlands in Schipol airports, you need to buy train tickets in the ticket desk or ticket machine.

How much is the ticket cost, where is the track and the departure time? you can see in NS (official trains company in The Netherlands) website. You can follow the instruction bellow. Continue reading

Plan your journey with 9292OV

Since you start live in The Netherlands and want to travel around city or to another city with bus or train, you have to make a good planning. Thanks God for 9292OV. In this website you can easily plan your journey.

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Bus in The Netherlands

Thing you need to know about bus in Netherlands:

1. Almost all the bus final destination is city centraal.
2. You come in from front door and exit from back door of the bus.
3. The bus always come on time, so make sure you already in the bus halte 5 minutes before schedule.
4. To see Bus schedule you can see in 9292OV. I will show you how to plan your journey using this website in other page.
5. You can buy ticket or using OV Chipcard (information about OV Chipcard in other pages) or 1.20-1.60 euro to the bus driver. Do not  give 100 euro or 50 euro to the bus driver, he/she  doesn’t have change to return your money.
6. It is not allowed to smoke, eat and drink in the bus. One time in Utrecht,I came to a bus with a cup of coffee, the bus driver did not allow me to get in until I finish my drink.
7. To make the bus stop, press the red button. Me and my ex housemate in Deventer, for the first time ride a bus to our home, and we screamed stop to the driver, the bus doesn’t stop 😀 so make sure you press the red button, and see the “stop” light behind the bus driver’s seat turn on red.

Biking in Netherlands

Bike is the most important thing you need to have to survive in The Netherlands. Why? because biking is more flexible (time and destination), more healthy, more environment friendly and the bus is too expensive 😛
You don’t have to be shame or afraid. In Netherlands, the main street always have a bike path and car here most of the time respect the bikers. Even in the crossroad in some city, there is a special traffic light for bikers. You just need press the button and wait until green. Remember, in some part of the city, biking is not allowed, such as city centraal (centrum). Continue reading