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Carnaval is a big party in south part of The Netherlands (Limburg and Noord-Brabant), such as Maastricht, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Tilburg, Eindhoven and many more. The tradition began long time ago, as part of catholic believe. Nowadays, Dutch people in the south celebrate the carnaval by partying 5 days in a row and wear a costume outfit. In Sunday (or Monday) a parade of decorated car go around the city, it called “groot optocht“. The next day,  little kid together with their classmate walked with costume. Some car prepared by the carnaval club. In the night young people go party in the club and wear costume. This festival held between February and March, it always different every year. It’s too complicated for me to explained how Dutch decide the carnaval week. Continue reading


Special Shop

If you come from Asia, you might miss your home dishes. I had difficulty to find good ingredients for my asian dishes in supermarket. Until, my friend show me Toko (asian shop). In Toko you can find any kind product from China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and many other country. In The Netherlands, Toko most of the time located in centrum (central city). You can find it by type “toko, -your city name-” in google maps (in example: Toko, Deventer). My favourite Toko is Amazing Oriental, they have many choices.

So, you don’t have to bring all the heavy sauces or other ingredients, I would prefer put my book in my luggage 😉